Salmon can help relieve the allergy symptoms for some dogs which have allergies. Too late to return the 'bad' bag since it has been in storage since Aug. My 2 year old lab at an entire ham hock. The reason for this is that smoked salmon is cured so contains an excessive amount of salt that is dangerous for dogs. Good idea! You’ll teach your dog that whatever you put in your own mouth, (s)he can get a piece. And some smoked salmon contains sugar as well. Smoking … We have fed our dogs this product & flavor (smoked salmon, 30-lb bag) for at least 6 years, 90% of which is ordered through Amazon. We only get the salmon skin treats from best bully sticks because they're all natural and from Alaska. Salmon has high nutritive value, many commercial dog foods contain salmon. Can Dogs Eat Seasoned Salmon? You shouldn’t feed smoked salmon to your dog. Salt, pepper or butter are simply not safe to be added in dog’s food. My own dog has become insufferably demanding since I spoiled him as a youngster. I was cooking in the kitchen and ran out to check on the front door after the bell rang and my dog snagged my cold smoked salmon. Most commonly, this condition is caused by dogs eating raw salmon (hence the name ‘salmon poisoning’), though there are other related species of fish, such as trout, that can transmit the disease. … Salmon skin and salmon oil are health for your pooch. If you've grilled salmon and want to share some leftover fish or fish skin with Fido, feel free. Significance. Also there is the risk of parasites in smoked salmon which can be avoided by cooking it properly. The cold smoke doesn't actually cook the fish, so it's left with an almost raw-like texture. Stay away from smoked salmon, which contains high salt levels, and could contain harmful parasites and bacteria not eliminated by the smoking process. My dog ate a smoked ham hock? Always follow the instructions provided by your veterinarian. Diarrhea; Bloody diarrhea; Vomiting; Fever; Weakness; Fatigue; Collapse; Death; Additionally, do not feed your dog smoked salmon because it has high levels of salt which can be toxic for a dog. Yes, but you’re making a rod for your own back. Parasites could be an issue if the fish was caught and immediately fed, usually it's best to freeze it for a few days and then feed it raw but again you are talking about smoked fish. Salmon Poisoning Disease . Aug 2018 (exp Aug 2019) and it is fine. gorionine Wed 09-Dec-09 12:31:12. Country of Origin. No need to contact the vet. Water Dog Smoked Salmon, plain or pastrami flavors, $14 a 4-ounce pack at both Green Aisle Grocery locations,; the rum- and whiskey-cured salmon, as well as plain and pastrami , $15.95 at Sandler’s on Ninth, 834 Chestnut St., where it’s also sold as a bagel platter with fixings, $18.90, or a Benedict for eat-in or take-out. You should never give smoked salmon to your dog. My dog ate smoked salmon. You should avoid any seasoning while preparing salmon for your dog. Help! Norway or Scotland. past it's date (only realised after) Add message | Report | See all. It had a little bit of salmon on it but most of it was bone! It's prepared. By the time I caught him with it it was just about gone. When I say smoked salmon, I mean the thinly sliced, almost raw in its texture, type of salmon. The Expert will know if your dog will be able to digest that. What should I do? My dog just ate a some smoked salmon 3 hours ago and the vet said to see if he has any symptoms but I haven’t spotted any yet. Inform your veterinarian immediately if you think your dog ate or licked raw salmon or trout. I know smoked and cooked bones splinter and break easy so I am very worried. Should I be worried. Each side is traditionally cured with salt for up to 26 hours, before being smoked over Oak and Beech woods for up to 13 hours to develop a wonderful smoky flavour. Your dog ate smoked salmon, and I'd be more concerned about the flavorings used, such as high amounts of salt. No! In most forms, salmon -- skin included -- is safe for dogs to eat as long as it is properly cooked. Salmon is OK for dogs only if it is has been thoroughly, thoroughly cooked and has no bones in it. Obesity Dog snacks are a better choice as a treat for a canine friend. i dont live near a vet. Is there anything else the Veterinarian should be aware of ab … read more He is … According to our data, this Taste of the Wild recipe provides complete & balanced nutrition for the maintenance of adult dogs.In other words, this formula is AAFCO approved.. So you should avoid smoked salmon for dogs. 40,991 satisfied customers. There is also a small chance that smoked salmon contains parasites which can result in a fatal condition in canines. You should never give smoked salmon to your dog. it has been about an hour and a half and he seems perfectly normal but i'm soooooo worried. Safe salmon recipes. It takes time, experience and the finest ingredients to make our Smoked Salmon. Not a whole fish that you have left in the smokehouse all morning. Ironically, right before receiving this our vet recommended we not do grain-free because some common ingredients in such foods can be harsh on our Frenchies digestion. As unglamorous as they sound, they are a lot cheaper than traditional slices, and nobody will tell the difference once cut up really small. Otis seems to enjoy it more than the previous food. So toss that excess fish your dog’s way because there are no consequences to that. Our dogs eat Salmon Skin dog treats from best bully sticks. Lower the risk for your dog by keeping its smoked meat consumption to a minimum. Fishing can be wonderful recreation, but sharing the catch with your dog can be an act of kindness that kills. [Help] My Dog Ate Smoked Salmon, Is He Okay? The firmer, flakier hot-smoked salmon is an absolute delight later in the day. This product is manufactured by Diamond Pet Foods. Rated 4 out of 5 by crlxzzz from Otis previously ate the grain-free version of this same food/flavor. Dogs Can Eat Salmon (with proper preparation) Fresh, well-cooked, boneless and small portions are essential. I love cold-smoked salmon, which you can also find occasionally at ALDI, especially as a breakfast item, paired with cream cheese, capers, red onions, tomatoes and a bagel (or, more likely, eaten like a monster out of the package with my fingers while sitting at my desk at the office). Is there anything else the Veterinarian should be aware of ab … read more.