Publishers want to see that you can have the ability to write and complete a book. (I discuss the research process here.). What can you specifically do to market and promote the book? A list of contents, with a short paragraph on each chapter. Some types of nonfiction can be credibly pitched by anyone with proven journalistic or storytelling skills. How many words or pages will the book be? - John Smith sent me an email asking if I wanted to publish an edited book IMPORTANT: If you were referred by a colleague or are submitting this book proposal in response to an invitation you received from a Book Series Editor-in-Chief, please specify their name in this field (and the book series title, if applicable). The writer hasn’t articulated a clearly defined market or need—or the writer has described a market that’s too niche for a commercial publisher to pursue. It can be helpful to begin with a bio you already use at your website or at LinkedIn. You should note that generally it is not a good idea to write an STM book without first approaching a publisher. Once you are happy with your concept, the next stage is to outline your plans in the form of a book proposal. . But having the manuscript complete does not get you off the hook when it comes to writing the proposal. Here’s whom Amber looked at her audience: The audience for this book is 35-55 year-old college-educated women, emerging from the other-focused world of raising young children. Her clients have appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show, CBS Early Show, The Montel Williams Show, CNN, Fox News, New Morning and much more. Market research - whether there's a market for the book. New, emerging writers who have no publishing track record will likely be asked to submit a complete manuscript to prove they can write, sometimes in addition to the book proposal itself. Contacts. Editing a book proposal yesterday I observed a common problem–this author didn’t know what to emphasize in her chapter outlines. An Amazon search turns up more than 10,000 books with “dog” in the title. If it is an edited book, please list contributors and indicate whether they have committed to contribute chapters, or are just potential authors. 7. Publishers today want to work with authors who can sell their books for them. Tentative title of proposed book. This template is in .docx (Microsoft Word) format. If you are interested in submitting a proposal, please follow these guidelines: Potential authors should include a cover letter, a copy of their CV or résumé, a prospectus/proposal, and sample chapters from the work (if available). CALL for EDITED BOOK PROPOSALS for Wave 17 of the Routledge Studies in European Communication Research and Education Series 27.11.2019 12:30 | Anonymous member (Administrator) The Series Editors Ilija Tomanic Trivundza, Christina Holtz-Bacha and Galina Miazhevich invite the submission of book proposals for the Routledge Studies in European Communication Research and … Rather than focusing on the content, focus on why the content will benefit the reader or why the reader will care. . APA Books Proposal (DOC, 42KB) APA Books LifeTools Proposal (DOC, 42KB) While your CV will indicate that you are qualified to write on the topic of the book, the prospectus should answer such questions as: What is the overall purpose of the book? Publishers want to see your writing style. The proposal should clearly describe your vision for the book, including a detailed content outline, together with information on the intended readership, any competing titles, and why you are the ideal person to write or edit the book. Someone from our editorial team will contact you to discuss what happens next. Author Bio. Amber used this book proposal template to get a book deal, and her book is now available for pre-order at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Weak I plan to register a domain and start a blog for my book. Email the form, together with any supporting material, e.g. The disconnect between what is truly most important to them, and how they use their time, resources and energy. A chapter outline works well for narrative or meaty works, especially those that are text-heavy and anticipated to come in at 80,000 words or more. Michigan Literary Network. If a publisher is convinced by your argument, it contracts you and pays you to write the book. You have to convince agents and editors you’re the perfect author for the book. Please allow at least 6-10 weeks for the manuscript proposal evaluation and review process. This section shows how readers will benefit from reading the book. . Projects that don’t necessarily require agents include scholarly works for university presses, books likely to be published by regional or independent presses, and other niche titles with little commercial value. A book proposal is a document intended to convince a publisher that your project is economically viable for their publishing house. Download and complete a Proposal form. Required fields are marked *. Note from Jane: I offer a self-study course on nonfiction book proposals. Make it concrete, realistic, and attach numbers to everything. Edited Book Proposal on “COVID-19 and Climate Change: Legal Issues and Challenges” July 13, 2020 Nisha Pasari Uncategorized Leave a comment. A Description of the Target Market Book proposals are used to sell nonfiction books to publishers. Media surveys indicate that at least 50% of quilters plan to spend about $1,000 on their hobby this year, and 60% indicated they buy books on quilting. Why does it matter? Please take a moment to identify the Acquisitions Editor whose publishing program most closely matches your manuscript's subject. If you have an idea for a new series, we use this book series proposal form (Word). Detailed chapter outline, providing a brief (two paragraphs) description of what each chapter will contain. Lisa Tener is an award-winning book writing coach who assists writers in all aspects of the writing process—from writing a book proposal and getting published to finding one’s creative voice. Think about all the ways you can get your message out to more people and make an impact: The more marketing tactics you put in and implement, the better. So what are you going to do to market it. Instead of writing the entire book, then trying to interest an editor or agent (which is how it works with novels), you write the proposal first. Find out how submit a book or series proposal and what the next steps in the publishing process are. Anticipated Length: The final manuscript will be approximately 70,000 words (280 pages). SAGE is the natural home for authors, editors and societies. Many people write their marketing plan in extremely tentative fashion, talking about things they are “willing” to do if asked. to overcome each roadblock so they can break through to the next level. You can change anything when you write the book. The #1 thing literary agents, acquisitions editors, and publishers must know before deciding whether or not to publish a nonfiction book is: “Will tens of thousands of readers buy this?”. Your book proposal (the most important piece of information). Simply defined, a platform is the number of people whom you can contact directly and easily via email, social media, speaking engagements, or other media you have earned. The analysis typically includes 5-10 titles. TURN-AROUND: 10 business days after receiving your proposal draft, we return the edited manuscript and publisher research report to you. They charge between $500 and $2,000. This book gives women the psychological permission to follow their dreams free from shame or guilt… while still feeling good about the other roles they assume in their lives. Yes, it is. Weak I plan to contact bloggers for guest blogging opportunities. I AUTHOR(S)/ EDITOR(S) 1. (Here’s a definition of platform.) Find out more. Quality Your research will be peer viewed and produced to the highest standard. email . My book is unique. In total transparency, the proposals I write are based on several works I read by Michael Hyatt and W. Terry Whalin. Numbers will help you sell your book to the publisher. They’ve been submitted to an inappropriate agent, editor, or publisher. Or offers a large advance of a small one. 3. analysis typically includes 5-10 titles. Weak I plan to contact conferences and speak on [book topic]. Note: You can download our free book proposal template and book proposal sample to see exactly how all this will look on the page. And if you want to use both, that’s completely acceptable. Author Hub How to Submit a Book Proposal 3/4 If you are submitting a proposal for a collaborative project please indicate clearly who the contributors are, what they will write and whether or not they have already agreed to participate. Telephone Number(s) 3. Response Time . Title A good title sends a clear signal to your intended audience about your goals. Parents of middle school and high school children, (Amber listed about 10 others. After all, this could be a white paper, a complete novella, or a proposal to steam clean their carpets. Your book proposal is the vehicle to provide us with a clear and succinct idea of your project. They charge between $2,000 and … Manuscript Status: The manuscript is currently 19,629 words, with 4 chapters completed and 8 chapters outlined. I suggest you write it last. An agent or editor is going to evaluate your visibility in the market, and will want to know the following: You typically need to be visible to tens of thousands of people, with verifiable influence, to interest a major publisher. The main purpose of the book proposal is to convince literary agents and publishers that there is a market for your book and that you are the best person to write the book—and help them sell it. This isn’t the place to be modest, but don’t oversell yourself either. Brief note … Please note that other proposal guides put this section near the end of the proposal—after the promotion section and before the sample chapter. Keep in mind that for some nonfiction topics and categories, the availability of online information can immediately kill the potential for a print book. Let’s dig deeper into each section. Especially in fields such as health, self-help, or parenting, your credibility and platform as a professional in the field may be most critical; your background must convey authority and instill confidence in the reader. (Would you, as a reader, trust a health book by an author with no medical experience or degrees? Publishers know that elements can change once you dig in. This book competes in very popular categories: self-development, personal transformation, psychology, motivation, meditation, and happiness. When it comes to fiction, few agents or editors expect or require book proposals… It needs to persuade its reader that your idea has enough commercial potential that the publisher should take the risk of putting money and resources into your book. Proposed title(s) Slightly different from the Title Page section of the book proposal, this is where … Instead of writing the entire book, then trying to interest an editor or agent (which is how it works with novels), you write the proposal first. In addition to being a columnist for Publishers Weekly, Jane is a professor with The Great Courses, which released her 24-lecture series, How to Publish Your Book. Your presence in traditional media (regular gigs, features, any coverage you’ve received, etc), Your network strength—reach to influencers or thought leaders, a prominent position at a major organization or business, Sales of past books or self-published works, My favorite comprehensive guide on book proposals is. Edited Book Proposal: Advancing Information Systems Theories The title of this planned Springer series of volumes on information systems (IS): “Advancing Information Systems Theories” is phrased in such way to emphasize its intended goal. Send a prospectus and your CV (and that of your coauthor or coeditor) to us via email. From first-time authors, most agents expect a query letter pitching an already-completed novel. If you liked this post, here are some other articles you might love: Tom Corson-Knowles is the founder of TCK Publishing, and the bestselling author of 27 books including Secrets of the Six-Figure author. Email Address(es) 5. For each entry in your competitive title analysis, begin by listing the title, subtitle, author, publisher, year of publication, page count, price, format, and the ISBN. The next section is critical. Here are some other marketing ideas you should consider: At the very least, the answers to these questions will show publishers that you are thinking in the right direction. So do I! I’ve written and published several nonfiction books, so I had to study many articles, white papers, and books about how to write a book proposal along the way. Whatever you do, don’t claim there are no competitors to your book. The essential publishing industry newsletter for authors. Submit a book proposal. The book proposal Any book proposal has to contain information relating to the length and general parameters of the book, and these are the factors that affect the cost to the publisher of producing the book. If you can’t prove to a publisher that you can market a book, then the odds are very much against your chances of getting a contract or a large advance. Sign Contract. Beyond that, book proposals are also wonderful developmental tools. A paragraph on what you perceive as the main markets for the book. Do own only one book on dieting? You’ll have ample opportunity to describe the book in greater detail in other parts of the proposal. Recent reviewers of [X books] complain that they are not keeping up with new information and trends. While proposal length varies tremendously, most are somewhere around 10 to 25 pages double-spaced, not including sample chapters. “Destined to become a staple reference book for writers.” —Publishers Weekly. Your book is not unique. This helps the publisher get a bird’s eye view of the book, and it will keep you on track as you start to write the book. In the case of a nonfiction book, the book proposal in written first before you write the whole book. You should be able to clearly differentiate your title from the competition, and show why there’s a need for your book. The first thing publishers want to know about your marketing plan is the size of your platform. At the publishing house I worked at, this was called “evidence of need.” Why this book? Author Resources > Book Authors Learn more about the book publishing process. A sizable platform and expertise is typically required to successfully sell a nonfiction book to a major publisher, especially for competitive categories such as health, self-help, or parenting. It’s 90,000 words and is aimed at adult females who enjoy mystery and romance. Always discuss the content in relation to the reader’s need or society’s needs. Ex. There are sections in this sample proposal that you may or may not want to include, or … A proposal keeps you right on track because it contains the theme, table of contents, chapter-by-chapter synopsis as well as a sample chapter. Author Jen Sincero encourages readers to take action, listen to your intuition and follow your fantasies. You can see this played out in the rejections received by award-winner Rebecca Skloot. Who is the intended audience? Please limit your proposal to fifteen pages, and include all of the following: A page or two that provides an overview of the book's main themes. Or business? Then they want to know when you expect to complete it so they can put it in their production schedule. You might speak to tens of thousands of people at conferences. Your memoir is not salable unless you’re confident of several things. However, if you can write a proposal, you can write a book. Here’s one chapter from Amber’s synopsis. Consequently, the importance of a well-written, professional book proposal cannot be underestimated. The Book Proposal. The more information, the better - for example, if you’re proposing an edited book you would want to include a list of your preferred team of contributors. Or for wanting to know that I had 101 ways to market my book. It’s not out of the question for a proposal to reach 50 pages or more for complex projects once sample materials are included. Point out your relevant accomplishments, like blogging, article writing, and other books published, so they know you are qualified. The Strategic Use of Book Giveaways and How They Can Increase Earnings Potential, 4 Story Weaknesses That Lead to a Sagging Middle – Tiffany Yates Martin [Reblog] – Author Steve Boseley – Half a Loaf of Fiction, 4 Story Weaknesses That Lead to a Sagging Middle, 4 Story Weaknesses That Lead to a Sagging Middle #motownwriters | Motown Writers Network . It can be helpful to begin with a bio you already use at your website or at LinkedIn. Prepare to submit your book proposal. I told them and they thought it was a good idea. A Successful Author Was Rejected By Her Publisher. Do you want to read more? Or started? Commissioning Editors take various factors into account when making their decision. Layout a unique, proven framework for identifying individual mindset blocks, Teach original techniques like The 333 Method and G.O.O.D.I.E. Like You Are A Badass, Stretch Marks contains great ideas about what to do in order to be happy. Your book proposal – whether print or open access – will be sent out for initial peer review (4-6 weeks). Book proposal forms. You are welcome to download our free book proposal sample that was contributed by author Amber Trueblood who followed the book proposal guidelines detailed in this blog post and received a book deal from a major publisher. If it has a specific edition number, include that, too. You don’t need to list things such as Amazon ranking, star rating, or reviews. SAMPLE NEW BOOK PROPOSAL Below is a sample of a complete and exhaustive book proposal for a Christian non-fiction manuscript. Be realistic about proposed delivery dates. Potentially revise and resubmit proposal based on reviewer feedback and discussions with your Editor. Stretch Marks are an emotional, visual and psychological concept meant to represent growth, expansion and pushing past one’s limits. Plus, given the significant change in the publishing industry, authors shouldn’t consider a print book their first goal or the end goal, but merely one way, and usually not the best way, for making money. If you’re writing a narrative work that has a distinct beginning, middle, and end, then include sample material that starts at the beginning of the book. The proposal is the key to making your really book come to life for your publishing partners. The proposal you submit will be the basis on which we judge the book's suitability for publication. Big houses may want to sell as many as 20,000 copies in the first year to justify publication; smaller presses may be fine with a few thousand copies. Let’s not make anyone guess what they’re reading. You need to show them why your book is different. My mission is to help writers get their books into the world. Here’s How She Found Another. But don’t just copy and paste your bio into the proposal and consider the job done. CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, Florida, USA. But don’t just copy and paste your bio into the proposal and consider the job done. Outline- A detailed outline of the book should be prepared, including the chapters being submitted for review. A brief synopsis … It’s still necessary to prove there’s a market for that story, but you won’t be successful in your pitch if you can’t deliver on the writing. It is entirely dedicated to showing that your book has a market and will sell. A book proposal is a document most commonly associated with pitching a nonfiction book. Don’t say “None. The Proposal The proposal should cover all the following issues, many of which overlap, in the sequence that’s most logical for your project. Also don’t worry about including the sales numbers of the competing titles. Will you be paying for advertisements or specific marketing campaigns? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. That means they’ll take you more seriously, and your chances for getting a deal will be much, much higher. Guidelines for Submitting Proposals to APA Books. If this is a weak area for you, look for other strengths that might give you credibility with readers or help sell books—such as connections to experts or authorities in the field, a solid online following, and previous success in marketing yourself and your work. Please complete the document in as much detail as possible, using separate sheets where necessary. Please take a moment to identify the Acquisitions Editor whose publishing program most closely matches your manuscript's subject. If you have a story of how you completed a big project, share it. Visualizing, Provide scientific explanations in simple-to-understand terms, Offer tactics specific to the reader’s personality and particular mindset blocks. I’m the creator of Book Proposal Academy and BookCamp. Also, publishers will want to see a sample chapter so they can judge your writing style. Be sure to list any books that you have previously published, and any other information about yourself on why you are qualified to write this book. The next step was to talk to a new acquisitions editor who would run point on the project – and be the evangelist for convincing the company to offer me a contract. They don’t have time to read a complete book. Name(s) and Full Postal Address(es) of the Author(s)/Editor(s) 2. I woke up to the glaring fact that I now had four sons and a husband, no career, two worthless master’s degrees, a perpetual extra 10 pounds (and then guilt about being so vain), and an intense feeling that I had no individual identity. In many respects, submitting a book proposal is like applying for a job. In a novel, the entire book is written first, then trying to find an editor or publisher. Publisher . Publishers want to know where the book stands right now. Potential book authors and editors often ask how they can best present their ideas for a book to the APA Books ® publishing program. Your proposal must focus on these questions, and not get lost in explaining your book’s ideas. (Think of a narrative nonfiction book, such as Seabiscuit.) Not only is a proposal the first step in gaining the positive attention of an agent or acquisition editor, but also a book proposal helps you in many other ways: Frankly, if you don’t have a book proposal, agents and publishers will not talk to you and will not buy your book 99% of the time. While everyone expects the writing to be solid, they’re probably not expecting a literary masterpiece. Fax Number(s) 4. Your Commissioning Editor will provide a book proposal form to guide you. It might seem that writing a proposal is a lot of work. It is also a vital element in marketing and differentiating your book from others. Building on SAGE’s tradition of publishing high-quality academic works in the social sciences, we concentrate our efforts on providing undergraduate and graduate textbooks, as well as handbooks, reference and professional resources. It is also a vital element in marketing and differentiating your book from others. 1. Will you hire a PR firm or a book launch firm? The Commissioning Editor takes this information to the publishing committee meeting. ABOUT THE BOOK: While responding to the Petersberg Climate Dialogue in April 2020, the UN Secretary General AntónioGuterres observed that ‘in planning … Can you identify the correct person to send the proposal to? If the book is an edited collection, please also provide a tentative list of the expected authors and their affiliations and indicate whether they have agreed to contribute. Whenever you can, quantify the numbers for everything from the listeners who will hear you on a podcast; to the number of readers your blog or guest column will reach. SAMPLE NEW BOOK PROPOSAL Below is a sample of a complete and exhaustive book proposal for a Christian non-fiction manuscript. But it become clear to me that if I were going to do all that marketing, I would rather publisher the book myself and keep all the money from my marketing! In those cases, follow the publisher’s recommendations exactly as written. When appropriate, books are also submitted to Scopus, the largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature: scientific journals, books, and conference proceedings. Let them know if there are special features, like pictures, charts, graphs or other elements that will require special care in production—and add to the cost. Not only is a proposal the first step in gaining the positive attention of an agent or acquisition editor, but also a book proposal helps you in many other ways: A proposal keeps you right on track because it contains the theme, table of contents, chapter-by … Objective of the Book. Call for Edited Book Proposals for Wave 17 of the Routledge Studies in European Communication Research and Education Series. Instead of writing the entire book, then trying to interest an editor or agent (which is how it works with novels), you write the proposal first. The writer wants to do a book based on his or her own amateur experience of overcoming a problem or investigating a complex issue. How to live freely using the A.M.B.E.R. These women are intelligent and ambitious. They need to know there’s an audience waiting to buy. Pay attention to the content and tone as well as mechanics like grammar and punctuation. Now you can go in more detail by showing the synopsis of each chapter. (No expertise or credentials.). Don’t worry about getting locked into a rigid outline. As a leading international publisher of books, journals and electronic media, we work closely with authors and editors to produce the most outstanding works in the fields in which we publish. Use advanced techniques like gratitude, forgiveness and intention to flow through life peacefully and happily. This section analyzes competing book titles and why yours is different or needed. I like to say that books are like bananas. The New York Times recently wrote about the increased interest in military memoirs; [X and Y] media outlets regularly profile soldiers who’ve written books about their experience. For information, go to I wrote two posts before realizing the series would be far more helpful to folks if I actually coached a writer through the process of crafting a book proposal. Get one of our professional editors to review your book proposal and give you detailed advice on what to fix and how to fix it. You can follow the advice in this article and you’ll know you are following a plan that works. Some publishers or agents have their own suggestions, guidelines, or templates for proposals on their websites. I guarantee the page numbers will change as you write, rewrite, and revise. Having spent years focused on the care of others, they often end up feeling frustrated, lost, and left-behind. Strong I have also guest blogged every month for the past year to reach another 250,000 visitors, at sites such as [include 2-3 examples of most well-known blogs]. It is entirely dedicated to showing that your book has a market and will sell. If your work isn’t a narrative, then write or include a sample chapter that you think is the meatiest or most impressive chapter. The disconnect. Deadline. Jane Friedman (@JaneFriedman) has 20 years of experience in the publishing industry, with expertise in digital media strategy for authors and publishers. Amber wrote her USP based on a formula created by Michael Hyatt: After purchasing this book, readers will be able to: Here’s how Amber put flesh on those bones. “Busy is a decision…If we say we are too busy, it is shorthand for ‘not important enough.”. Every agent will throw your proposal away if you say that! The main character is her daughter, who knows the truth, and the narrator is her fiance. The secret of a marketing plan isn’t the number of ideas you have for marketing, or how many things you are willing to do, but how many solid connections you have—the ones that are already working for you—and how many readers you NOW reach through today’s efforts.