Routes to the Yenisei and its tributaries begin in the village Turukhansk. It inhabits rivers with clean water, gravel or stony bottom and large, flowing, cold-water lakes and it never migrates to sea. Huge taimen in the vast wilderness rivers of Siberia. If you are not afraid of challenges, then this is an expedition for you. Trophy fishing: taimen, pike, grayling, perch, whitefish, lenok, etc. Location : 73 50 Clip : no clip, just full cast targeting depth hole ( targetting around 6.5m area ) Fish worth 117 silver, quite low for 28kg fish, but they dun fight to long (around 10-15mins) . Press the down arrow key to interact with the calendar and Current IGFA record of Siberian taimen, caught in 1993 in Keta river of Khabarovsk region of Russia is measured at 42 kg (92 lbs). The total price will be calculated for the amount of people in your group. ... Far-eastern taimen in the first half of summer. Larger congregations of taimen are observed sometimes prior their migration into the lower streams of the rivers just before winter; during this period very deep holes can have up to 10-15 large specimens. Imagine if you will, landing a fish that is over 100 years old and weighs close to 200 pounds. The head of Sakhalin taimen is comparatively bigger than by any of salmon species, and the jaws - much more powerful. 8 kalba apie tai. Taimen fishing is difficult and requires traveling to some of the most remote places on earth. Epic! Unofficial records: Kotui river 105 kg., Amur river 80 kg., Yenisey river 63 kg., Lena river 60 kg. Called here the Tsar Fish - the legendary Taimen. It’s no surprise, then, that around 30 million Russians are keen anglers. The Tugursky Nature Reserve habitat for over 20 species of fish including chum and pink salmon and of course Siberian taimen. Program: 1-day. Armed with stout fly rods and foot-long, articulated streamers, fly fishers in Mongolia or Russia can spend days looking for a taimen willing to feed, but once a fish makes up its mind, it chases down its prey with remarkable speed and aggression. Taimen fishing. These fish live at least 40 years and need a careful attitude. While at the sea it has a silvery body and in the river body acquires reddish color similar to Siberian taimen. There is no more prestigious trophy for a fly fisherman than taimen trout. Hunting, Fishing and Adventure Travel in Russia, Central Asia & Eastern Europe. Preference for booking a tour: from 1 year to 6 months. It is most high soon after spawning. I have visited Russia several times, in search for big, long rivers unaffected by human impacts, and fishing for Siberian Taimen. Taimen can jump and snatch small animals on dry land when they are in close proximity to the shoreline. Taimen fishing is difficult and requires traveling to some of the most remote places on earth. If you have any questions - ask me. Therefore during July and the first half of August catching large taimen in Mongolia and Southern Siberia is rather difficult. Sergey outfitter hunts. Wild taiga, rafting and fishing. The average taimen is around 33 inches and weighs roughly 10 pounds, however, there will be multiple chances every day to try catching fish over 50 inches. In the opinion of some fishermen, a drop in their activity at this time is also caused by the painful process of replacing the teeth. Abundance of food allows Taimen to grow really big here. Habarovsk region. Once found over large areas of Russia, Mongolia, and China, the species is threatened by overfishing and habitat destruction. And tomorrow, the … It has been well protected and looked after. Krasnoyarsk region. Giant fish. Hucho perryi), also known as the Japanese huchen or Stringfish, is a large, East Asian species of fish in the salmon family (Salmonidae). Over the last couple of years, many anglers interest in fishing on the Kola river, which is located near the city of Murmansk. Lunch, snacks, in the place where we catch fish, we return to the camp in the evening, we have supper. GRAND FISHING TOUR – IS A COMPLEX OF FISH HOLDINGS, FISHING BASEMENT AND FLEET, AND ALSO THE BEST GUIDES AND HUNTSMEN, WHO LIVE AND WORK IN SIBERIAN AREAS. The book is ready! Taimen are a pre-historic mega-fish, and the largest member of the salmonid family. Having excellent sight, it is capable of seeing well in the water, and also distinguishing the objects on the shore. Taimen are perhaps the world’s most incredible dry fly experience. Combined with the ferocious take and the sheer body mass of a predatory taimen. In Khabarovsk, Russia, we’ve been conducting field studies to better understand the feeding patterns of taimen, which grow to enormous size by consuming adult salmon. Read more Taimen Fly Fishing Shop. Fishing Program for Taimen (Hucho Hucho) and rafting. The activity of taimen into the summer-autumn season is subjected to very specific fluctuations. Mongolia is roughly the size of Alaska and is bordered by Russia to the north and China to the south. They are not easy trips and if you expect well-equipped fishing lodges, high comfort and luxury, then stay better at home, there will definitely be more convenient. Taimen fishing in Russia on the other hand is usually organized as rafting trips with helicopter drop-offs. Fishing Adventures in Russia . Their range extends from the Ural Mountains in Europe to the Amur River in the Russian Far East, an area representing approximately one-tenth of the land area of the Earth. I am living in the Russian Far East, love fishing and travel, flyfish since 1986. Arrival in Khabaro Siberian taimen, also called Common taimen is the most widely distributed and best-known taimen. Hi! ** The organizers reserve the right to change, supplement the cost in case of changes in prices for direct costs (fuel, tickets, etc.). ... Taimen fishing. Fishing, estuary r. Delingde; Day 3 - Fishing, r. North, the mouth of the river. The area is very sparsely populated and has few roads. There are benefits to be found in a relatively convenient location of the rivers, near the airport. Taimen Fishing in Russia There is no more prestigious trophy for a fly fisherman than taimen trout. It’s hardly a surprise, then, that fishing in Russia is nothing short of extraordinary. It was said that catching it on fly is extremely difficult, even impossible. Still, what’s earned Kola its stellar reputation is the huge number of Atlantic Salmon that venture into its waterways every year. Sakhalin taimen can reach more than 1 meter in length (40 inches)  and 25-30 kg (60-70 lbs) of weight. ” This really is exactly the same area where the report breaking 243 pound taimen … Reception and assistance in Moscow and Abakan airport. The main object of fishing here is taimen. There are four known species of taimen: Danube taimen (Hucho hucho), Korean taimen (Hucho ischikawai), Sakhalin taimen (Hucho perryi) and the most numerous, Common or Siberian taimen (Hucho taimen). Guests and guides drift between camps, fishing a fresh stretch of secluded river each day. Taimen can be caught with spinning, using yellow or silver spoon baits between 2 to 4 inches long, or fly rod, using “mouse”. I am very pleased to write a few words about taimen fishing in Europe for my friend Mikhail and an international, probably Russian-dominated readership. Russia; Fishing for taimen on the Putorana Plateau; Show gallery 6 photos. Mature taimen is very territorial and is rarely found in proximity to another taimen. Wood burning stoves, hot showers, terrific meals, fine wines, professional staff and taimen out the front door. This is a private tour. Mature taimen is very territorial and is rarely found in proximity to another taimen. Taimen Camps. Taimen on the fly in Mongolia and Russia. Hundreds of kilometers from the tired city reigns virgin nature of Mongolia, and in the rivers splashing taimen, lenok and grayling. Lures: Wobblers (of different colors and sizes), spinners (preferably rotating, Blue Fox 3-4 are ideal), mouse, flies (gray or dark colors), braided lines (up to 0.40 mm), and good double bait in shape eight (Double). However, the literature described the case of catching specimen weighing 52 kg (115 lbs). We offer Siberian and Pacific taimen trout fishing in different parts of Siberia and Far East of Russia. Show the original text. Welcome to Taimen - a store for fly fishermen.On our site you will find a wide range of fly fishing equipment, which you can take on every fishing trip. One of the typical sea-run taimen rivers of the North-East of the Sakhalin Island . The Most Exciting Alaskan & Russian Fly Fishing Trips You’ll Ever Go On!. Sakhalin taimen is found in the Sea of Japan, from where it enters rivers of Hokkaido island, Sakhalin island and Primorsky Krai for spawning in spring and early summer. Premier Wilderness Fly Fishing Adventures in Kamchatka, Russia & Alaska, USA. Chevitsa usually feeds on small fish. Your task is to eliminate the empty water one cast and one step at a time until you find a taimen that is actively hunting. Learn from Rene about this unusual fish and what it takes to hook and land fish that can get up to 200 pounds. Contents SAKALIN TAIMENHOW TO DISTINGUISH ITSHAKALINTAIMEN SAKALIN TAIMEN Imagine the silver beauty and the fighting spirit of Atlantic salmon. Tour includes:  - Flight from Krasnoyarsk to Turukhansk and back; - Duration - 8 days / 7 nights; - number of participants - from 4 to 24 people; - installation of the camp (wardroom, tents, shower, hearth); - accommodation in a stationary tent camp (baby cots, mattresses, pillows); - tent bath; - Filling and fishing with a hovercraft; - guide-guide services; - food (cook, all necessary household appliances); - generator for charging equipment; - implementation of general directions along the route; - Medical insurance; - Solemn presentation of gifts on the results of the catch at the end of the tour. This taimen trophy expedition takes you to one of the most remote places in Russia. It is also called “the younger brother of Baikal”. Siberian taimen can exceed 1.5 meters in length (60 inches) and 100 kilograms in weight (220 lbs). Recommended equipment: spinning, fishing for fishing, fishing rod. Tuva is a mountainous republic located on the border of Russia and Mongolia. Taimen fishing. grand fishing tour – is a complex of fish holdings, fishing basement and fleet, and also the best guides and huntsmen, who live and work in siberian areas. Salmon and taimen fishing in Russia. Hundreds of kilometers from the tired city reigns virgin nature of Mongolia, and in the rivers splashing taimen, ... We return to Russia via the famous lake Hubsugul. Welcome to the Far East of Russia for hunting and fishing! The largest rivers (Uda and Tugur) proceed on boggy valleys and have close to flat character. Uda river Khabarovsk territory. But all went upside down… There is something incredibly special about these fish and the rivers where they live. The complex, unpredictable life-history of sea trout. Khuvsgul nuur (Lake Khuvsgul) is located in the northwest of Mongolia near the Russian border , at the foot of the eastern Sayan Mountains . Fishing for Taimen in Russia is becomenig very popular. It lives in many water bodies of Siberia and the Far East. The area of distribution is very wide, extending from the Ural mountains to the Pacific Ocean and from the Arctic Ocean to Northern Mongolia and China. The trout and grayling fishing is often overlooked, but can be world-class in its own right and casting light tackle and dry flies provides a great diversion from the heavier rods and lines required for the taimen. In our account on our site there is a "Premium Tour". There is no more prestigious trophy for a fly fisherman than taimen trout. The vast historic range of taimen includes parts of Kazakhstan, China, Russia, Japan, and Mongolia. Abundance of food allows Taimen to grow to incredible sizes … Taimen, lenok, grayling, Siberian pike. The Sakhalin taimen (Parahucho perryi, syn. Fishing for Taimen in Russia is becoming very popular. I spend lots of time in expeditions to remote corners of the Russian Far East. There is no more prestigious trophy for a fly fisherman than taimen trout. Day 2: flight to Abakan village, Tigilsky district, transportation to the hunting cabin Day 3-9: 7 days of fishing Day 10: return to Abakan, overnight in Petropavlovsk Day 11: flight home. Clemens Ratzhan (Austria) Part 1, Huchen and Taimen. The sides have 5-8 light raspberry-colored transverse strips. River is now well protected. FACTFILE: Taimen are distributed right across Asia, from the Volga & Pechora basin in Western Russia to the Pacific seaboard and Sakhalin Island in the East. Mature taimen is very territorial and is rarely found in proximity to another taimen. When it comes to the Russian fishing scene, one sentence comes to mind: “So many things to do, so little time!” This incomprehensibly big country has countless awesome fisheries and can give you just as many angling adventures. Taimen fishing in Mongolia. All things must be packed in plastic bags or bags. Meals: three meals a day (hot breakfast and dinner, lunch, snacks, tea, coffee). The diet includes: cereals, soups, fish dishes, meat products - stew. During hot weather, when water becomes warm, which happens often in the slower flowing rivers of the South Siberian and Northern Mongolian planes, taimen become sluggish. Most rapid growth occurs during the first 10-13 years, when its length increases annually by 8-10 centimeters (3-4 inches). Think it or not, you may have an opportunity like that, nevertheless it could imply flying into Russia and fly fishing for Siberian taimen alongside rivers that have been dubbed the “last frontier. With over 80 rivers to explore, the peninsula is a dream-come-true destination for anglers of all levels. It spawns in spring, right after rivers clear of ice. Fishing for Taimen in Russia is becoming very popular. It usually spawns in April. The program varies with location and time of year, but usually consists of headwater float fishing and tent camping combined with a day or two (or more) of jet boat accessed mainstem fishing out of permanent camps. Location: Krasnoyarsk Territory, Turukhansk, r. Northern, r. Dry Tunguska, Fatyanikha and others. These fish are found in rivers in Russia and adjacent regions, … Salmonids of the Russian Far East. Fly fish the Eg-Urr watershed for taimen up to 60-inches. For over 30 years, Ultimate Rivers and affiliates have provided “cutting edge” wilderness fly fishing experiences on the most remote, pristine and productive waters of Alaska, USA, and Russia’s Kamchatka Peninsula and Far East mainland. Taimen fishing is difficult and requires travelling to some of the most remote places on earth.